Windows Process Missing - nsclient


Trying to setup Simple Windows Process Monitoring and its corresponding Memory Utilization
Service Template:

template Service "XXX-tmplService-SS-SSRS-ProcessMemory" {
import "XXX-tmplService-Default"
check_command = "nscp-local-process"
max_check_attempts = "3"
check_interval = 3m
retry_interval = 3m
check_timeout = 1m
command_endpoint = host_name
vars.u_Customer = "XXX"

Single Service Looks Below

object Service "XXX-P_SS_SSRSMemory" {
host_name = "icinga-test"
import "XXX-tmplService-SS-SSRS-ProcessMemory"

vars.nscp_arguments = [ "process=ntoskrnl.exe", "warn=working_set > 70m" ]
vars.nscp_query = "check_process"}


obviously ntoskrnl process is running :frowning: not sure where I am making mistake


Is it the because of the Permission of the user ?


I changed the windows service for icinga2 process to local
Still it won’t work. The process is definitely running

The command executing is

‘C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nscp.exe’ ‘client’ ‘–log’ ‘critical’ ‘–module’ ‘CheckSystem’ ‘-a’ ‘process=ntoskrnl.exe’ ‘-a’ ‘warn=working_set > 70m’ ‘-b’ ‘-q’ ‘check_process’

Not very clear what am I missing. May be @cstein can help


honestly I have no addition to this topic. Have you tried to remove .exe from the command line argument? Does it work while being executed on manually on the host or is it an Icinga issue only?

For the next release, Icinga for Windows will provide an own plugin for monitoring process CPU and memory usage.

Maybe the process is not accessable by the user scope of the Icinga 2 service user?