Windows or Linux services

Hello guys
First of all i am new to Icinga 2
I want to monitor some services runing on my servers. they may be runing as Linux or windows services or not. For exemple checking the status of a jenkins service. how does something like this work. can you give me a Link of a very good tutorial?
Icinga generaly calls everything service monitoring and i am a little bit confused.

Best regards


I’d assume you’ve wrapped your head around plugins already inside the docs? Specifically, a “service” can be nearly everything, you just need to find a common term for it - otherwise explanation and docs won’t work.

Typically, you want to monitor a Linux/Unix process - whereas procs can be used - and a Windows service, e.g. service-windows as check command available inside the ITL.

The most important part is to understand how plugins, check commands and host/service objects relate to each other, and how they’re integrated. Many parts are already installed with the basic setup of Icinga 2 and the monitoring plugins themselves - try it.


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