Windows Monitoring


First off, decide on the transport.

  • Install an agent where the Icinga node talks to
  • Query the services remotely

If your master/satellite instance cannot connect to the agent, you need to ensure that the agent can either connect to the parent node (Icinga 2 protocol) or send the check results with a different method (REST API on the parent node e.g.).


Install the Icinga agent on the Windows host and use it a command execution bridge (command_endpoint)
This way, communication uses TLS and connections can be established either from the agent to the master/satellite or vice versa.

The Icinga agent allows you to execute check scripts and plugins locally.

The Icinga Template Library provides many CheckCommand definitions out of the box already.

Remote Queries


Enable the WMI interface and query the Windows host using check_wmi_plus.
An example can be found here.


Older systems also support SNMP on Windows.