Windows monitor all disks with individual thresholds

Hello everybody

We’re starting monitoring our windows environment with icinga2. We have the icinga2 agent with nsclient++ on the servers and now comes the tricky part with the drives.

There are checks like check_drivesize which are great, but I’d like to monitor always all disk and still like to allow individual thresholds for disks.

The normal way is to build for each disk a check or list all disks in a var. Now I don’t trust my server admins, that they always think of the monitoring. So is there a way, that always all disks are monitored with the default thresholds and this values can be individual overwritten?

Maybe it’s also a way, to build checks for every disks and another check to check if there is a check of every disk. So there would be an alert if one disk isn’t monitored.

Thank you for any good idea

I don’t think there is a way to solve this with Icinga alone. What you could do is take a list of the drives and create a Service for each of them with the default values. This could be a script run once when a new server needs monitoring. Any required specific changes can then be made to the config manually.

But that does not work for possible new drives, but even in this case querying the icinga API and comparing the existing services with the list of drives,