Windows Host Hard State Change Always on Server Service Restart?

I have a puppet-ized Icinga installation across ~800 VMs. A handful of these are Windows. We use Puppet exported resources to provide host configs and a few other things. So our icinga2 server service restarts hourly with the new config. Whenever the Icinga2 server restarts, the windows agents lose connection for a few minutes and send out a notification. We have host checks every 10 minutes, and this issue never occurs with the Linux hosts. Only the Windows hosts.

Anyone else ran into hard state changes for Windows hosts only when the server restarts?

Hell CodyCummings,
Welcome to the Icinga community. Are you running a “reload” or “restart” command on your Master server when restarting your Icinga2 service? Please try “systemctl reload icinga2”. That always works for me. Or course this commnd will depend on your version of Linux.

We use the puppet-icinga2 puppet module. With manage_service => true to ensure reloads on config changes. So it is a “reload” behind the scenes I believe.