Windows-disk check in service set


I have created windows-disk service template
disk check for different partitions C,D etc…

While applying this service template to a windows service set that i defined it is not working.


if i apply it to a windows host directly it is working

disk-windows check ok

So did i need to create different service template for diffrent partitions and apply it to service set ? Please advice
Thank you


are you specifying the drive letters as mentioned like


instead of


The : is required to work properly. If this does not help, could you please share your configuration with us?

Hello @cstein
Thanks for the reply
As i said am using :

I am using this and it is working also
But only problem is when i am using inside it in a service set it is not working properly

Sorry for my late response :frowning:

I played around with it and sadly I cannot reproduce this. I cannot tell where the issue comes from, but to me it would look like a configuration error somehow, because it doesnt matter if it is a Service Set or a Template, Apply Rule or a directly assigned service.

Hi @cstein thanks for your time

found temporary solution similar explaned it here

  • Select the previously created service template windows-disk , define the name as disk C: and use the custom property disk_win_path to assign the value C: to it.
  • Repeat that for the second service set with D: and E: services