Windows Agent check_load error

I have the check_load.exe check working on plenty of Windows machines but I have one machine that is outputting this error:

The resource loader failed to find MUI file.

Anyone know how to resolve this? Or what the cause may be?

Got the same issue recently. Is your Windows machine running Win2k12, R2?

Yes. But that can’t be the cause because it works on others.

Reading this I’d say maybe a permission error, but also a very generic one in the Windows world. check_load tries to access performance counters which it may not have the permission for. Since load checks on Windows don’t work reliably with check_load anyways, its usage is discouraged. Better use nscp_api with NSClient++ and cached counters for now.


Probably figured it out, waiting on our Windows team to confirm/fix it but still want to share:

@csmall - could you check whether Processor is even an option in Performance Monitor? I think this is related to missing performance counters on some systems.
I’ll append a link with instructions on how to reset those if you don’t want to wait for me to come back with results.
If you look at ITL documentation the check in question is looking for \Processor(_Total)\% Idle Time performance counter, which is missing (alongside others) in our server.

Link to perf counter reset article:
Link to ITL where the counter is documented:

@dnsmichi Not sure if you guys are responsible for the check’s code but it might be useful to check whether counter exists? Not exactly sure how that works.

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The performance counters were not working as you suspected.

I reset the performance counters and now the CPU load check is working as expected. Thanks man!