Why do I have metrics with many zeros commas and underscores in name

My graphite whisper database is having metrics with lots of zeroes in name. Where do they come from and what’s the purpose?

Background: I am storing monitoring metrics from icinga2 into a graphite database. Later I am visualizing the metrics with grafana.

When I check the metrics in graphite I can find all metrics coming from my icinga services performance data. E.g. I have a metric named videostreams. Now I discovered that I have some additional metrics with the name like this:


Where are these metrics coming from and what is the purpose?

I am doing all this on linux debian buster.

Found the answer myself:

A check command was sending odd value output with spaces.
This was confusing GraphiteWriter or graphite.

So nevermind, I fixed the issue by improving the check command ( it was check_jitsi and the metrics “conferences_by_audio_senders” and “conferences_by_video_senders”