Why cant templates of choices not import other template choices?

Hi everybody,

I have templates organized for “host” (~ purpose), “network” and “os”.
Each of them has some kind of hierarchy to implement inheritance.

  • os > os-win > os-win-2008r2 | os-win-2012 | os-win2016
  • os > os-lin > os-lin-ubu > os-lin-ubu1804 | os-lin-ubu2004

To assure the import order and choice rules I wanted to use “choices”.
But choices have a big disadvantage as I found out:
You can not import a template which is used in a “choice”. This would lead to the issue that e.g. fields and rules need to be defined for each and every choice template again and again and again…

Do I miss something or why is that rule implemented? For me it does not make sense this way.
I would expect:

  • templates of choices can import other choice-templates
  • templates not member of a choice can import other templates which are not member of a choice