Who was logged in e.g. the last month?

Hello all!
While usually our Icinga2 installation is accessed by a known circle of technicians, it is also accessible to “others”. Any user of our LDAP may logs in to Icinga. The WebGUI for those is limited to a certain subset of hosts and services.
Now I am interested to see who actually uses this occasion. In other words, I would like to have an convenient overview about who has logged in during e.g. the last 6 month.

The login procedure is visible in our icinga2web log and I could examine those to get the names. I wonder if I have a more convenient possibility than creating a shell script to pull that information from the logs.
Does anybody has an idea how to get a list of logged in users?
Thanks in advance!

  • you could write a filecheck that searches for “login” in the icingaweb2 log or in the auditlog

As written, I already thought of that. My hope was to have a more convenient way. It is a Linux-Installation and I am not that familiar with bash/awk/sed scripting. I guess, I need to refresh my skill’s here. Thx again!

I had a look at the Icinga Exchange and sadly couldn’t find anything like what you are looking for.
But if you get around to writing that check, you could share it there to help out others with a similar problem! :slight_smile:

Thx for your efforts on that. But I wont be able to help with some tooling or scripting.

For me it is mainly a one time demand and I did it the simple way: extracted all lines indicating a login into a temporary file. Afterwards I imported this resulting file into a Spreadsheet Calculation (LibreOffice, Excel …) and worked with the features there.

But thx again for thinking about that issue.