Which characters within a string need to be escaped in Icinga's configs?

Good morning folks,

I am currently writing a small script for easier deployment of agents and satellites within our intranet and stumbled across a small problem regarding our API-passwords, which contain a lot of special characters such as ‘$’ (which needs to be escaped with another ‘$’).

When correcting this, I thought about other characters which might need to be escaped, but could not find any information in the documentation.

Are there other characters I need to take care of when writing to config files?

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Hello there!
I found this bit here in our documentation: Language Reference - Icinga 2

It doesn’t explicitly mention the $$, as it is for macros, but you figured that one out already :slight_smile:

Afaik this is all there is :slight_smile:

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Hey Feu,

thank you very much, don’t know how this part of the documentation slipped my attention :smiley:

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