Where to add virtual ip in icinga for database

“Best practice is to run the database backend on a dedicated server/cluster and only expose a virtual IP address to Icinga and the IDO feature. By default, only one endpoint will actively write to the backend then. Typical setups for MySQL clusters involve Master-Master-Replication (Master-Slave-Replication in both directions)”

I read this in documentation and would like to know where i should add virtual ip address in icinga…for ido i know that we should add in /etc/icinga2/feature-enabled/ido-mysql.conf

IDO and DB resources in icingaweb2 https://icinga/icingaweb2/config/resource as far as I remember without checking the documentation.

Hi @rivad
this link doesn’t work for me. Can you confirm please

Replace the first instance of “icinga” in that URL with the hostname or IP
address of your Icingaweb2 system.

Something like https://icinga.my.net.work/icingaweb2/config/resource or should work.


@Pooh thx…without https it worked but where do i add the virtual ip?i have under resources icingaweb_db and icinga_ido…icingaweb_db is with host localhost while icinga_ido with ip of master 1

In my case I have the virtual IP in all of them but you also need to have the schemata present on the cluster for this to work.

yes but where should i add in servers? i want to know the path…is it in /etc/hosts or anything else


then why does it say in document expose ip to icinga and ido feature…So it only has to be updated in ido-mysql.conf which i already did

Maybe bad wording as the IDO feature is how you tell icinga about the DB.
Icingaweb2 needs to know also about the DB as this is where the monitoring module gets the data from.