Where the history of uploads and downloads of hosts is saved in the db

hello, does anyone know in which table of icinga2’s database the history of all the hosts that one sees in history-> event overview is stored. It turns out that today I made a query to several tables of my database but none of them match with the dates and times displayed on icingaweb 2

I think you’re looking for icinga_statehistory.

that was the table I consulted and I joined with another to obtain the names of the teams but what I mentioned above happened, the data did not correspond to what icingaweb2 gives me

“SELECT icinga_hosts.alias, icinga_statehistory.state,icinga_statehistory.state_time FROM icinga_hosts CROSS JOIN icinga_statehistory WHERE icinga_hosts.instance_id=icinga_statehistory.instance_id AND icinga_hosts.alias=‘au-skyring-jen’ AND icinga_statehistory.state_time < ‘2021-9-24 00:00:00’;”


It may be more helpful if you can provide the query, results of the query and a screenshot from IcingaWeb2 where you are seeing the mismatch. My first suspicion is timezone related.