Where should i put my database? (ido)


I want to install an Icinga Cluster and before starting i wanted to know some basic things.

My Setup is 2 Icinga Masters, 1 Webserver (Icingaweb2) and 2 Satellites.

My First question is, should i install every server with an additonal user (icinga)? or just go with root?

And my second question is, where should i put the database? i tried to use a seperated database but ran into some issues with director (no hosts showed up after deploy). so what would be the best approach for the IDO Database? on the webserver? on the master? or on both?

thank you!


regarding your first question, creating a dedicated user is not needed since Icinga runs in its own user context (icinga or nagios depending on OS) automatically.

Regarding your second question, this is totally up to your environment. I’ve seen setups where the IDO was hosted on the Icinga2-Configmaster, I’ve seen replicated IDO-databases hosted on both masters respectively and I’ve seen dedicated database server(s).


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Hi @dbodky

Thank you for the quick answer!

Ok so its not important where the DB lives, just that its reachable from both, master and webserver.

In the Web-Setup, it asks for a Backend, i usually choose “icingaweb” since i installed everything in one server. If i chose “icingaweb” as backend, but my database is on the config-master, it wont work right? i guess i have to play a little bit with this to understand it further

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You can still choose icingaweb as your backend, you’ll just have to enter the details of the remote database in the next step of the setup then. Icingaweb doesn’t care whether or not its backend lives locally as long as it is accessible.