Where are the repositories for SLES 15.X and SLES 12.5?


as of June 1, 2022, all repositories for SLES (SUSE) are gone.


Is this a bug and are these coming back? What alternatives are there?

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it’s now a paid feature :frowning:

Just saw it. Wonderful. :frowning:

We bought the support anyway because we wanted higher priority for our bugs but it still left a bad aftertaste.

I guess compiling is a valid option…

Compiling is not a viable option for us. Will probably also come down to buying the (unwanted) support.

has anyone tried using the opensuse repo with sles?


tried the opensuse icinga repository today, works like a charm for 15.3.
I installed icinga2 r2.13.3-1 and monitoringplugins and configured the host as an agent.

I have to admit, this is my first encounter with SLES and of course this was not in a production environment, but are there severe consequences using the opensuse icinga repo with sles?

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Possible problems with dependencies I guess. So If you can install and run the agent your are propably fine and if you can’t update the system because of icinga, just deinstall it. The package manager is supposed to give you precice warnings if this happens but it helps if you documented this and all other of your “crimes” regarding this server :wink:

It is also possible to just get access to the repositories without having to get the whole support package.
Feel free to shoot us a message over on Icinga » Subscription