What version of php is in the icingaweb2 rpm?

Hi all
We have 3 servers running Icinga server on Centos 7.6. All 3 use icingaweb 2.8.2 and reports to use php ver 7.1.30 on one server and php ver. 7.2.24 on the other 2.
I started out wanting to update php to ver. 7.3 or higher due to security reasons, but after reading

I came to the conclusion that the best way to update is without doing a repackagin of the rpm file, as that would require me to continue with manual updates, as i understand. What i dont understand is that according to the Icingaweb2 upgrade table, it looks like php 7.3 should have been included in the first place, which it isnt.
So, does anybody know if it is possible to get php 7.3 installed without a manual repackaging?

The packages for CentOs 7 in the official repository require PHP 7.3 since v2.8.0. I have no idea why that hasn’t been installed when you’ve updated to that version. But I’m not a package expert either… maybe re-installing from scratch helps?

Hi, I will consider it, but since out of the three installations none of them are running ver 7.3 despite 2 of them claiming that it has been installed when i run yum deplist icingaweb2, I suspect that a reinstall might not solve it.

Leaving no stone unturned, I will see what happens on our testserver.