What are the limits of baskets


one of my colleagues likes to use the basket feature as an system interface to icinga2. Just for the structure inside Icinga2 Director. I think this has its limitations and you can do much more with the REST interface. I think there are much more structure - objects inside Icinga2 Director as the 22 you can choose in a basket definition.

My question is: Is it a good idea to use Icinga2 baskets for an system interface?


baskets are great for exporting objects within its capability and here are some limitations:

  • a hosttemplate that has services attached, will lose the service

If you have a reliable solution for import/export via RestAPI you can share it here, on github or https://exchange.icinga.com/

Thanks a lot, does anyone know more limitations? I had some in the past, but I didn’t wrote them down.

The other problem is the baskets have an ID you need to manage and keep it unique.