Weird connection issues with new setup

Hello everyone,

Today I started a new Icinga installation for my work.

Currently I am monitoring only 3 servers out of a lot that we have. They are all Centos7 servers with firewalld disabled.

The hostalive check works for every server now, but it took a lot of time to get fired on half of them which this is unusual for me. Also only on 2 servers out of 4 the services checks work ( currently I am trying to monitor disk and load) the rest stayed in ( PENDING)

This is not the first time I am using icinga2 but it is always a bit complicated for me to make the files and get the servers connected.

The question is, is there a standard way to troubleshoot and find the issue? standard things to check if services doesn’t bring back results? I have a lot of virtual ethernets on every server, could that be the issue? should I say to icinga2 which ethernet to use? Could it be permission issues? Can anyone give me some guidelines on how to check those or what information do you need to help me?


at first glance, you’re describing the problems a bit “meta”, it is hard to understand what you’re actually doing. First off, throw in the versions involved so that others know which packages they need to use to reproduce your problem.

Second, add some samples from the configuration - which host, service, apply rule does what exactly? How did you configure your agents? Is it a more sophisticated distributed setup, then include zones and endpoints as configuration snippets.

Lastly, did you already read and consult the troubleshooting docs, where did you head with your attempts making things work - cli commands, log outputs, analysis done already.