Web setup - Monitoring IDO Resource?

So I am installing icinga2 on debian via these instructions

Everything has been going well and I am in the web configuration wizard on /icingaweb2/setup
Got prompted for the icingadb and the icingaweb2 mysql connection info - entered/validated ok.

But now I’m at a screen asking for “Monitoring IDO Resource” database connection info - per the instructions above, this isn’t something I set-up during the install.

I found a few references to the debian icinga2-ido-mysql package and the schema and I think I know how to set it up… but I’m second guessing myself as it’s not referenced at all in the instructions above.

I suppose my main question is… what is the IDO database used for and how is it different from the icingadb referenced in the instructions?

Thanks in advance!

just a guess but try to disable the monitoring module from shell.

icingacli module disable monitoring