Water Monitoring for Cows like a IOT Dashboard Need Help will Pay for it

Hello everybody,
I am currently working on water monitoring for cows. I know it is not what is usually asked here. It is all about:
I built with nodes that monitor the water level of 7 wells. The water level is now reported to TTN by radio (Lora TTN). That works perfectly. Now I wanted to make a kind of dashboard for monitoring here. Currently the wells are used by 3 farmers for around 15 cows. The problem with the whole thing is that the top well fills the next one and then the next one over an overflow. If a well is blocked, the wells below will no longer receive any water and the cows will then have no water.

To build:
Nodes with connection TTN -> Raspberry PI receives data. The data is written to a database via Node-Red, Influx DB. There you can visualize it using a chronograph or Grafana.

Almost everything works. A monitoring tool is now being added. I could also use a ready-made dashboard, but those are monthly costs and I want to avoid that.

I found icinga by chance, but there are also different versions. I really like the Icinga2 Web or the Icinga Dash.

Now I’m looking for someone to help build a dashboard with Icinga, where trends in water level, the current water level, battery voltage and setting options are possible. Every farmer must also be able to register via the web and, if possible, an app and then be shown defined wells.
Unfortunately I have no idea at all and am also willing to pay for it if someone helps me or gets everything to work as it is necessary. Hardware like Raspberry Pi already set up with Node Red etc. and a node where the water level is measured I would provide. I’m not a programmer: /

Many greetings from the Black Forest, Bernd

I do not know your budget, but you can find companies at https://icinga.com/partners/.

From what I see, I would say your hardware setup is fine, you would need Icinga 2 as scheduler for the checks, as the values are already in InfluxDB you can test https://github.com/Griesbacher/check_influxdb, MySQL/MariaDB/PostgresSQL as Backend and Apache to run Icinga Web 2 as frontend.

Users I would create locally in Icinga Web 2, so they are stored in the database. Disadvantage is a user can not request a password change by their own as there is no mail address stored.

Do you need notification? Mail is quite easy to setup, others would need some more steps and knowledge.

If you want a graphical interface for configuration, you can have a look at the Director. https://github.com/icinga/icingaweb2-module-director