Want to migrate historical data from cacti to icinga2


Is there any built-in way in Icinga2 to import historical data from Cacti?
If not, what will be the best approach to perform that migration and get data from cacti to Icinga2 and allow visualization inside Icinga2 without the need of going back and forth between two interfaces.


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I doubt there is the solution which just works. Depending on the metric backend you want to go for with Icinga, e.g. Graphite or InfluxDB, your best bet is to research something like “graphite import rrd” or “influx import rrd”. Cacti is using RRD under the hood.

Grafana also supports RRD if I’m not mistaken.

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I’m also interested in this topic.
I have digged a fair amount of time in cacti and its rrd, and in icinga as well.

The biggest issue about migrating from cacti to icinga, is that the rrd files don’t retains all informations you need (only data sources items names, which may not be very accurate if you hold tons of copy pasted data templates), so you would need to run after the data source, graph, and device informations thought the cacti base to map (which is a huge pain given its structure) thoses informations in icinga.

In my opinion, possibilities are making a custom script to do that (which can get complex really fast) or simply choosing to let cacti live aside for a time but without polling just to keep historical data if you need to troubleshoot, i dont see an easy way to accomplish this on overall.

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