vSphereDB module HA setup


I’m testing the icingaweb2-module-vspheredb now (v1.1.0) and we would like to configure monitoring and alerting based on it. So I have two questions regarding the setup

  1. we have two IcingaWeb instances (EU, US) running on top of the one replicated DB and one replicated IDO DB. Can I run two instances of the module deamon? How do you deal with the vSphereDB module HA?
  2. if I understand well, the check commands I can configure are using the icingacli from the web server instance and it is using DB as a source. Is there any simple way how to run them directly from the satellite servers (we have two for every zone) instead? I would prefer to not depend on the web servers. Or am I missing something?



you should now run 2 daemons writing into the same DB.