vSphere Module Questions

Hello Icinga Community,
I have a few questions about the vSphere module. I have installed the vSphere module (without Director) on my testing Icinga environment and added one vCenter system. All is looking good. I can see the vCenter system with the host, virtual systems and datastores.

My question is can I configure any monitoring threshold within the vSphere module? I have not found any way to yet. I have reviewed most of the online post and I have not found anything about setup/configuration after the vSphere module is installed. Is the vSphere module just a one stop place to view the status of ALL of your different vCenters ? Do I need to configure one of the virtualization plugin if I want to monitor any thresholds on VSphere? A different team manages the vCenter system. Do I just tell that team to manage the threshold for vCenter from within the vCenter itself?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.