Vspehredb module as sync rule source


i try to create a sync rule to import our VMs into the director.
For that porpose i use the vspheredb module.

The configuration of the sync rule looks like this:

But i only get this information

Is it possible to get further information like DNS-Name or OS?

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the importer from vspheredb is worse for now. hopefully it will reach the same as the vsphere import module (which is deprecated :frowning: ) one day. Maybe it help if you send @tgelf some Gin :wink:


Hello Carsten,

I’ve already suspected something like this.
But since the vSphere module already has the data, I thought it might be possible to get it somehow.

Maybe I should open a request for it at GitHub.

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you can use sql as importsource, as i am doing. This way you can get all with a sql query.

Hello, Rafael,

thanks for the tip.
Your solution works great.

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