Visualize graphs for groups

Hi! I am new in forum and I have a question.

I have created some groups in my Icinga (Laptop, Kitchen, Room1, Room2…) when I go “Tactical Overview” I see only Host and Services, are there way to see in that dashboard Laptop, Kitchen, Room1, Room2… and how many hosts its alive or not?


Not sure if I correctly understood what you exactly.

If you want something like the tactical overview, but only showing the hosts from one of your groups (hostgroups I assume?) then you can simply add a filter.
Example: image
You then can add this new tactical overview to the dashboard or the left-side menu:

You could also go to the Hostgroup menu, set the filters to your wanted groups and then add this to the dashboard or menu via the dropdown:

Thanks you for your reply log1c.

My idea is show in graphics (circles) in Tactical Overview differents groups, for example:

Kitchen (where there are 4 laptop) I see a circle with hosts 2 up 2 down (example) and hosts services (10 ok, 5 critical).

Other circle
Room 1 (with 3 servers), circle which are Up/down.

Now I can see only a summary in Tactical Overview.

thanks for your help.

This should do exactly what you want.
Filter the already existing overview for your hosts, click the dropdown, add it to a dashboard (existing or new one).


Thanks your for your help. I did it.