Visual glitches after updating to Icinga Web 2.8

Hi all,
after updateting to icingaweb 2.8 i found some glitches in the web UI.

The area marked red in the screenshot below, was not available in version 2.7. I assume that this is not an intentional behavior, because the search string is not preserved when you click on templates, for example

In addition, the area marked in red is new in the mobile view. However, if you use a link from the area, you will not end up with the intended object. I therefore assume that this is also a issue.

I am using PHP 7.3 on a Centos 7
Anyone here havevong the same issues?

Kind Regards

The glitch in the search is a bug in the Director and already has a fix.

The glitch in the mobile view however is in Icinga Web 2, please open an issue for this on Github.

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@nilmerg thank for your reply

If somone else facing the director glich, herre is how i fixed it:

cd /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director
git apply 2141.patch

For the glitch in mobile view, i will create an issue on Github.