Virtualization (VMWARE) Postgresql not supported

Good Day Community,

I am looking for assistance to see if Icinga supports Postgresql for the VSphereDB module for importing from VCenter. Icinga asks if I want to do MySQL but it’s not approved software. When I created a DB in PostgreSQL the resource is not available for selection. Is there any documented way to make this work so I can integrate my virtual environment into Icinga?

Thanks in advance,

  • Version: 2.13.2-1
  • Operating System: 2 Docker Containers and OL 8
  • Enabled features: Audit,Director,Doc,Incubator,migrate,monitoring,vspheredb,
  • Icinga Web 2 version: 2.11.4

There is an ongoing feature request for supporting postgresql in the vshperedb module:

I suspect that it is not finished due to sponsoring- or resource-related issues.