View only hosts connected to a specific Satellite

Hello all, is it possibe that clients are displayed on the icingaweb according to the Satellite they are connected to. This is to enable a better overview of the clients.



for now, no such distributed view exists, mainly regarding the backend limitations not providing such data. There’s work underway with a new backend keeping this in mind.

You can create your own views though, with e.g. storing a custom variable on those hosts and create a filtered dashboard for it. Such a variable can be set e.g. in a host template, where all these zone specific objects inherit from.


There may be other ways built in to how you already do things as well. Are your satellites representing different ranges of IP addresses by chance? In my system, I have a lot of this:

object HostGroup "fake-dc" {
  display_name = "Fake Datacenter  Zone"
  assign where cidr_match("",host.address)

I click on those under hostgroups as a launching point sometimes. You can also add multiple assign rules and have host objects in multiple groups, so if your setup supports it, this could be more powerful than what you were looking for.

Thank you Blake. I am going to try this.