Very high load after enable module icingadb

I descibe our development environment. The setup is not optimal, but it is enough for testing. The production has same effects.

We have a 2-node „master-master“ Icinga setup. One is the configuration master with running Icinga director. After enabling module icingadb on configuration master the load increase from 2.0-5.0 up to 70.0 more.

The icingadb DB runs on configuration master. On both servers the feature icingadb is enabled and configured to use the DB on configuration master. Icingadb on both servers use the local redis.

Icinga has to check many businesses process (more than 300). If I enable the module, I see the checks „waiting or working“ and the database is also working hard.

I think, I have a configuration failure. I don’t know where.

The screenshot above shows the configuration of the configuration master (primary host).

Hello Klaus!

What’s consuming the most resources according to top(1)?


The top processes are:

  • icinga2
  • postgres (queries to icingadb)
  • icingacli

Her my newest findings:

Checking business process is seeming expensive against the other checks. Now I have extend the check time period. It is now much bettter. The running version of the modul is 2.4.1

When I install the version 2.5.0 for testing the load is growing up.

The combination of icingacli + php + module with icingadb is the “cause”.

I don’t know, that I have to change.
OK - more CPU will help temporary. :slight_smile:

I had errors at my previous post. I correct them. Sorry