Version 2.8.2 : Fatal error: Trait 'ipl\I18n\Translation'


We install icingaweb2 from source a while and we just update it today and we got an error about

Fatal error: Trait ‘ipl\I18n\Translation’

Is there any new “packages” needed in version 2.8.2 ?

It was introduced with this pull request:

Is there a way to install it without “composer” ?

If you absolutely have to install from source, you shouldn’t use the master but the latest tag.

If you still want to use the master, check the new requirements and ensure they’re installed as well. But for the icinga-php-library and icinga-php-thirdparty libraries there’s no release yet, you’d have to use each’s nightly branch instead.

thanks @nilmerg

How to checkout using the latest tag instead of the master ?

Using either the tarball:

or checking the tag directly out:

git checkout v2.8.2