Verify/Import Software status via it's RestApi

Hi all,

I’m new to Incinga and I’m trying to evaluate a specific Use-Case. Within the demo I found the following:

I can’t find any details what the Source Type “CoreApi” can do. Can someone directy me to the right page?
Browsing and searching Icinga Docu nor Google provided any results…

What I’m trying to achieve is to import the status of my application via it’s provided REST API.
My current evaluation is, I could import the JSON or XML response via “Fileshipper” or with the “check_json” module…

Perhaps I don’t need that as “CoreApi” already provides that functionality?

Thank you in advance for any hints


you can do this at least in the UI under director -> Health Status or add a service with director-cli and check there the health status. See health check plugin


Hi @anon66228339,

Thank you for getting back to me.

When I read the following sentence:

You can use the Director CLI as an Icinga CheckPlugin and monitor your Director Health

I understand it’s an internal health check. I’d like to monitor an external service.

The screenshot with examples from Icinga page shows only internal checks. Do you have an idea how to check a differents software health?

Thank you


seems i read wrong. Thought you want to monitor your imports into director.
For (external) , you can create a pssive service and use the rest api of icinga2 (core) to submit the results.



I was able to get the vagrant box and Icinga up and running…
It had failed during the setup as “puppet” was unavailable…

Within the Director I have added a new Import Source with the Source Type “REST API” and that does the trick :slight_smile:

Now I just don’t know how I can visualise this information :smiley:

I was able to schedule it with “Jobs”. Having access to the system is really helpfull!