Veeam 365 Monitoring developed

Hello all,

I have written a small script to monitor Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.
The script monitors the job status and the license status.
If you have any use for the check feel free to use this,

So you can potentially use it on for your environment I
published the check in Icinga Exchange and Github.

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@log1c has implemented a few changes in the check. thanks for that! I have also identified and fixed a few bugs recently. Therefore, I would recommend you to update the check.

When monitoring Veeam 365, I noticed the following error:

The job fails, let’s take the example because the ISCSI volume or the object storage is not available. The backup starts and logs Path "D:\2023" could not be found. The job itself ends with the warning Nothing to process, Job finished with Warnings. Unfortunately, I do not have the chance to distinguish between an error and a warning. I also think it is a mistake for Veeam to end the job with a warning in case of an error. I have opened a case with Veeam to clarify the scenario.