V2.9 datetimepicker overlays other elements

Hi there,

before opening this as a github issue (maybe it is “works as designed”) I’ll ask here:
After the update to v2.9 of Icinga Web 2 the new date time picking dialogue overlays/blocks the other elements of the form (e.g schedule downtime, ack with expire time)

I would have expected that the dialogue disappears when clicking outside of it or that there is some form of confirm/close button.

I already found out that the picker can be close by hitting enter on the keyboard after I chose a date/time, but I don’t find this very intuitive atm.

Tested in both Chrome and Firefox.

best regards :slight_smile:

ESC also works. But yeah, it needs some work to have it integrated better. :frowning:

See also: Datetimepicker not usable by keyboard · Issue #4442 · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub