Using vspheredb module remotely

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I was wondering whether it’s possible to access VMware vSphere (using the vshperedb agent) remotely through a icinga2 satellite, because I’ve got various sites that do not have site-2-site VPN with VMware vSphere and would like to be able to monitor them using the plugin, but can’t seem to select the satellite that should be used. Is there an option for it?

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First off, the module needs to be run on the satellite itself. The main problem with that is that there’s “discovery route” back from the satellite to the master with using the cluster protocol. That has been discussed a while ago, don’t know the current state.

I could imagine that you’re using vspheredb as Director import source, right?

I just wanted to ask if there has been any news regarding this topic.
In addition to using vsphere module as import source it would be even more interesting using vspheredb, which simplifies monitoring Esxi instances a lot.

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head over to GitHub and create a feature request then, if not already existing. This is better to be discussed with the developers of this module :slight_smile: