Using the field "notes" on services that got inherited from a host template


we need to add notes to services. No problem - the mechanism is available and works like a charm if a service template gets added to host manually.

We are stuck with the following:

  • created a service-template “check_whatever”
  • created a host-template “any_host”
  • added a service based on Service-template to the host template
  • created host “new_host” from host-template “any_host”
  • got a host with service “check_whatever” on host “new_host” saying "inherited from “any_host”
  • click on service name shows properties:
    BUT: the section “Additional Properties” missing.

If we add an “Individual Service object” in Icinga Director it shows this section:

Is there any way to get additional properties on inherited services?


Hello there :slight_smile:

There is no direct way to get “additional properties” on those services, as they do not “exist”.

You can however easily work around this by providing a “notes” Custom Field on your base template, and writing $notes$ into it’s notes field.
Use $service.vars.notes% in case you do not want to see an eventual $host.vars.notes$ value being used as a fall-back.

Hope that helps!