Using custom host property in service template

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as some web checks (basically HTTP / HTTPS) require vHost information which is not necessary identical to the host address, I added a new custom host property called “host_hostname”.
This appears as expected in the relevant hosts and can be maintained there.

For HTTP / HTTPS checks I am using service apply rules.
First I use “http_vhost” field in the existing external http command:

As next step I defined the service template for http, using http check command and trying to pass the custom host property into the vhost property:

Unfortunately this cannot be resolved, so the command is not using -H but only -I.

As soon as change this to $check_address$ everything is working as expected, but I want to achieve that other vhost addresses can be used than the one check_address.
I also tried to use just parts like $vars.host_hostname$ or only $host_hostname$, but nothing leads to success.

I guess its more a problem in front of the screen: so me, getting something wrong here?

Best and thanks a lot for your help and input,

Hi Matthias,

i recently had the same question and solved this with an “Apply For” rule analoge to the tutorial in This is also useful when you have more than one vhost on the same host.

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