Using alternative port for hosts checks


I have a distributed setup with a master server that sends configuration to the hosts. In my infrastructure I have some servers that don’t have a public IP. There is one server with public IP that works as a gateway for the servers to access the Intrenet and it could be used to get access to the other servers. For instance, I use it as an ssh proxy to do ssh for the servers with private IP.

Now I want to be able to monitor this hosts. My idea is to:

  • Use DNAT to access the other hosts.
  • Port 5665 is being used by the gw host and can’t be used for the other hosts.
  • I would like to use, for instance, ports: 5601, 5602… 560n in the gateway to access the port 5665 in the private IP services.

For this I have to tell the master server to access to non standard ports. How can I do this?

Thanks a lot

Sorry, I guess the answer is here:

Have considered using icinga agent on these hosts?