Use remote agent for network checks

Is it possible to use a remote agent (master has no IP connection, the agent just phones home) as some kind of proxy for checking network equipment using SNMP? Example is where I have an windows server running the agent and in that same network there’s a firewall or switch I want to monitor.

yes that means that the check runs on the agent
and the executable must be present at the agent

Ok thanks. So I would then just do the same way as for agent based check command, configure a service template to be run at the agent and configure it to use snmp towards an internal IP of the network host?

yes, but you need the check command binary/script avaliable on the machine, in your case windows. Check first if you have something like that available

I still would recommend to use a linux machine.

The next step could be a satellite, with is not available on windows. with a satellite you machines would report to the satellite and the satellite is the only one to forward the result to your master nodes.

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