Use icingadb module as default for search results

Hi community,

I really like the new icingadb module in icingaweb.
How can I use it as default for my search results?
I don’t want to click on “Preview this in Icinga DB” every time.
It doesn’t seem to keep this setting.

Thanks and kind regards

Disable the monitoring module

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Thanks that’s quite easy :smiley:

Can I safely remove the old ido database after disabling the monitoring module and disabling the ido feature in Icinga?

that depends, if you use idoreports, you shouldn’t remove ido module.

is there any other way to do this? “Disable the monitoring module” is a global change even if just one user is using testing the new interface.

Of course, remove the permission to use the monitoring module from said user.

Thanks for this solution !!!
Also, I had to fully remove the module from disk