Use Icinga Agent on multihomed hosts with independent IP addresses for services

My setup for decades is

  • set an IP address for the host used for system administration only
  • set an IP for every service running on that host
  • all addresses have unique names in DNS
  • hugo.domain.local host IP
  • smtp.domain.local IP for postfix smtp running on that host
  • 192.168.123 time.domain.local IP for NTP server running on that host
  • imap.domain.local IP for dovecot imap running on that host

Advantage is that the services can be relocated to other servers without changing a lot.

Problem is - I can set only one endpoint per host in Incinga Agent for “NodeName” in constants.conf. I can change the assigned NodeName, restart Icinga and connect to the configured IP/endpoint but not to more than one at the same time.

Error message in Icinga when trying to check the service:
Remote Icinga instance ‘hugo.domain.local’ is not connected to ‘icinga-master.domain.local’

Is there a way to configure Icinga to handle all the IP addresses on a multihomed hosts like single independent endpoints? I’m aware that it would be easy to check the IP addresses with check_icmp. But I need full agent functionality for every single IP address to check e.g the number of external time servers configured for NTP.

Redhat CentOS8
Icinga2 version: 2.13.2-1 (master and agents)
Director version 1.8.1

Any hints would be highly appriciated.

No, it is not possible yet, but there is an issue open for this: Handling host aliases and agent certificates in HA setups · Issue #5108 · Icinga/icinga2 · GitHub

Hi Dirk,

thanks a lot for that information. The scenario described in the issue on Github is different but it shows at least that I’m not the only one with that kind of setup.
Good to know that I can stop my investigations for now and wait for something to come. As a workaround I will use the “real” host name for the checks needed as far as possible (which will not help everywhere and is less flexible).

Despite there is no solution for now I will mark this issue as solved and hope that’s OK.

Cheers, Klaus