Use check_ide_smart at hardware raid


I have a hardware raid on my server which I can check with

# smartctl -a -d megaraid,8 /dev/sda

but with

neckar:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins # ./check_ide_smart -d /dev/sda           

I get no results.

    neckar:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins # ./check_ide_smart -d megaraid,8 /dev/sda

How I can use check_ide_smart for the hardware raid?

I think this depends on the hardware raid controller you’re using. I haven’t seen one which exposes smart features to the operating system, though.

Maybe you would be better off using something like IPMI or SNMP, maybe via a specialised plugin, to connect to the service processor of your hardware.

Where I would find it?

This depends on your hardware.

You can try


for example

Okay, thanks to you. That’s nice.

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Thanks, cheers,

I also have other work on my desk. I may do it when I’m done. Besides, is this a “must-have” or a “can option”? If I am satisfied, you will definitely notice that. So please no urging.

Well I interpreted your last replay as if you’ve checked it. My bad. Besides, your tone grazes being rude. After all you’re getting support for free here. It comes from people who do this in their spare time or being paid by Icinga partners. So, they do have other things on their desk as well.

No, you don’t have to check the “solution” checkbox, but if you don’t give your appreciation (by clicking the checkbox) and especially after someone has read through a whole thread with a missing checkmark just to find that you don’t need any more help, people will get less and less unlikely to be nice and helpful in the future. That’s no threat, it’s just some background information on how Open Source communities work.

Now enough of that. Just try the plugins when you find the time don’t forget to give feedback and have a nice time here in the community. From my side there’s all fine now. :smile:

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