Upgrading php ipl and vendor for pdfexport module


in order to install icinga SLA reporting module, im installing pdfexport module. It has dependencies ipl-php > .10. and vendor

When i exchange ipl and vendor folders for new ones, i end up with completely broken web (just blank hyperlinks and white background)

What am i doing wrong? Even when i replace original ipl and vendor version (v .7) it stays broken.
Im not really skilled in php. I did restart of php-fpm, httpd and also icinga2 services.

Centos 8.5
PHP 7.4.19 (tried also 7.2 ,same results)
Icinga 2.13.2-1
Firefox 109 64bit

whats your icingaweb2 version?

Its version icingaweb2 2.9.5

One correction, when i return original ipl and vendor folders it will work fine.

Ok, i got it, problem was:

  1. I’m an idiot
  2. It needs to run at 0.8.1 ipl, as .10 seems to work only since icingaweb2 v 2.10

Thank you Moreamazingnick for hint