Upgrade issue (from 2.10.5-1 to 2.11.0-1): Validation failed for object 'host.agent.org' of type 'Service'; Attribute 'command_endpoint': Command endpoint must not be set


today I upgraded from 2.10.5-1 to 2.11.0-1. After a icinga2 daemon -C I got erros for all my services:

Error: Validation failed for object 'host01!ssh-remote' of type 'Service'; Attribute 'command_endpoint': Command endpoint must not be set.



here’s some tips.


That doesn’t help at all. All our hosts and services are managed by Puppet and this upgrade is a huge problem. No remote commands work. Where are the concrete steps to make remote commands work again? I don’t have the time to think in your new Zone terms, I just want to know: how can I run check_commands on the host where they are supposed to run (I never understood how even simple things like check_disk do not do this by default).

I really don’t like the tone and Michis link has the answer to your question but I will try to help, too. (I understand that this isn’t the most comfortable situation for you).

The configuration of zones did not change if you followed the best-practices and documentation in the past. So update the zones config on all “agents” and satellites and ensure that the zones.conf on each node reflects the whole zones hierarchy. To make it short: It’s correct if a look at the agents zones.conf shows you the whole hierarchy incl. the master instances and all satellites in between.

Once that’s done, the endpoints will be known and your commands succeed.

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Well, it talks about a lot of things, and my zones config was correct. A lot of things mention “Director” , which we don’t use and so it becomes very hard to find the actual information needed.

I found out now that simply moving the files from conf.d to zones.d/master made it work again. This feels like such a complete waste of time.

I really don’t like your tone. If you want help in this community, I strongly recommend to hide your frustration and stop with this blaming. Consider that others working hard to provide you software for free, are real people with emotions and feelings.

We are doing our best to help everyone using a faulty configuration, and have therefore written some additional documentation. It is far from perfect but at least helps.