Upgrade Icinga to Icinga2

I’ll keep this question short. I have an old Icinga VM. I want to look at using Icinga2 for these reasons.

  • Use the Director to make easy configuration changes
  • Look at adding a Slack or similar non-email notification method to get cellular alerts
  • Generate automatic network topology maps that show me what is up/down in the map (and preferably let me drill down to see what host is a problem)

I read some suggestions that I can upgrade but others saying it is better to start fresh. I don’t want to lose the historical data that I have. What is the best method for me to upgrade to Icinga 2? What plugins should I use to have Slack and network topology requirements I’m looking for?

Thank you,

In general, in most of the cases this makes no sense since the configuration concept is completely different. Services are no longer defined 1:1 but created by apply rules. Depending on the number of hosts you have, it might be worth to write a script to enumerate IDO and send hosts to director’s API.

I see, so really I should re-optimized and import everything with a planned script to a new install is what you’re saying?

Is there a way for me to import my historical data (uptime metrics, past issues and notifications, etc?

Importing is only relevant for host objects. Service and command objects needs to be created from scratch anyway and this should be done in the director directly.

This might be possible since it is still almost the same schema for IDO.