Does anyone know how the “update-windows” exactly works for a Windows-Server (2019) without WSUS (or any other update tool), only the default build-in “update search”.

Does the “update-windows” perform a new search against the public microsoft servers or does it only check internal windows update informations (like the “apt” plugin for debian -> without cron-apt you wouldn’t receive update infos)?

By default the build-in windows “update search” searches every 22h for new updates. That’s my question does the “update-windows” perform a fully update search or only checking the state of the last 22h automatic update search?

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The docs say “Querying Microsoft for Windows updates…”
The uncompiled plugin code shows something about an UpdateSession, as does the new check from the PowerShell framework that deprecate the .exe checks

So, I would guess that the chek does an actual query for updates.

The apt check can do that as well, btw :slight_smile:

 -u, --update=OPTS
    First perform an 'apt-get update'.  An optional OPTS parameter overrides
    the default options.  Note: you may also need to adjust the global
    timeout (with -t) to prevent the plugin from timing out if apt-get
    upgrade is expected to take longer than the default timeout.

Thank you. Very strange, on last MS Patchday the service always reported 0 updates. I have also checked the windows logs => 0 Updates. The last month it has worked without any issues. But I don’t think that is an issue of the “update-windows” … more a issue of the windows update search itself. I got also some errors if I tried to install the updates. I will have look at the next patch day :wink:

Hello, Is there an updated plugin on the windows-update that I could just apply within Icinga?