Update Windows icinga2 agent from 2.12.3 > 2.13.1

Hey guys,

Currently I am trying to update our Icinga Windows Agents to a new version.

OS: Windows Server 2016 (version 1607)

Installed Agent Version: 2.12.3

Installed modules:
Script 1.7.1 icinga-powershell-framework
Script 1.7.0 icinga-powershell-plugins

Currently I try to update all our systems to the agent version 2.13.1 automatically via Powershell.

For this I used the following documentation:

Used Powershell command:

Install-IcingaAgent -Version ‘2.13.1’ -AllowUpdates 1 -Source ‘\SERVERNAME\d$\Install\Icinga2’

The installer “Icinga2-v2.13.1-x86_64.msi” was previously stored in the source path used.

As soon as the PS command was sent, the Icinga2 service is stopped and set to disabled, afterwards I could see that the complete service was removed completely.
The agent is also installed correctly as a program in version 2.13.1, but no new service is created for it.

I only care that I do not have to reinstall Icinga2 completely again and sign all at the master. Furthermore, all previously set configs should also be preserved and not overwritten.

Is there a “nicer” solution for this or am I just using the update command incorrectly?

Many thanks in advance and best regards