Update Icinga(web) for PHP7.4 to PHP8.1 upgrade

I have a debian system with

  • Icinga Web 2 Version 2.11.4
  • PHP-Version 7.4.33

I want to install “GitHub - Mikesch-mp/icingaweb2-module-grafana: Grafana module for Icinga Web 2 (supports InfluxDB & Graphite)”, but this requires PHP8.1 and greater.

I installed PHP8.0 and PHP8.1, but icingaweb won’t work with PHP8.x.
I set the apache modules for each version seperatly and i globally set the PHP-Version in Debian (with update-alternatives …).
I don’t use php-fpm.

What have i to do that icingaweb2 works with PHP8.1?

Thanks for help.

We are having the same issue :frowning:

@theFeu What’s the real status about icingaweb2 and php8.x ? Can’t find anything relevant anywhere…

I forwarded this topic to our devs :slight_smile:

Icinga Web, libraries and modules all support PHP from version 7.2 up to 8.1 currently.

What’s the actual issue you have? Errors of any kind?

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Ohhhhh got it. PHP8.2 is not supported, we just downgrade 8.2 to 8.1 and it’s working.

Sorry for my delayed answer.
My problem was that i installed PHP8.1 but apparently not the necessery moduls.
After i have installed it, icingaweb2 works.

So for me the Problem is solved.