Unknown IDRAC error

Hi everyone,

I need to ask for your help again on a topic I’m stuck on.

In my Icinga I am monitoring an IDRAC server with an ipmi_check_sensor.

Since yesterday this check is set to unknown all CPU kernels are declared as unknown and I get the following error:

ipmi_fru_multirecord_power_supply_information: invalid parameters
ipmi_sdr_cache_iterate: error returned in callback

→ Execution of /usr/sbin/ipmi-fru failed with return code 1.
→ /usr/sbin/ipmi-fru was executed with the following parameters:
/usr/sbin/ipmi-fru -h IP-Address -u SNMP-USER -p SNMP-PASSWORD -l user --driver-type=LAN_2_0 -

I almost believe that the Dell API key has expired behind this, but unfortunately I have not found the config file where this is displayed. Can you help me with this problem?

Best regards :slight_smile: