Unit icinga-director.service entered failed state

Could anyone help on why I could not get icinga-diector service to start ?

Mar 04 03:40:32 txslirmapa1v icingadirector[8327]: The ‘director’ module does not provide any CLI commands
Mar 04 03:40:32 systemd[1]: icinga-director.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=3/
Mar 04 03:40:32 systemd[1]: Failed to start Icinga Director - Monitoring Configuration.
– Subject: Unit icinga-director.service has failed

You can try to start the service in debug mode to see what happens. link

su - icingadirector -s /bin/bash
icingacli director daemon run --debug --trace

Thank you for the suggestion. However, I am getting The ‘director’ module does not provide any CLI commands.

Maybe this has something to do with ‘director’ not running?

icingacli director daemon run
DB configuration is not valid