Unit conversion in Icinga Web 2

Hello :slight_smile:
I am currently testing a check for a customer to monitor a Nutanix clusters.

The script has a check for disks, which also includes the I/O bandwidth.
As the default thresholds are way too low I changed them to around 70 MB warn and 100 MB crit (that’s megabyte).

I converted my new threshold values like this

  • 70 megabyte*8 = 560 megabit → 560 megabit * 1000 = 560000 kilobit
  • 100 megabyte*8 = 560 megabit → 560 megabit * 1000 = 560000 kilobit
    The check reports its values in kbps like this:
'dstIOBandwidth 15b8ea7a-37a1-4e8c-896a-1e8a25d1544b.'=3995.0Kb;560000;800000

Icinga Web 2 not converts it like this.

Imo this is not correct as Icinga, I don’t know why, thinks the values are in SI notation and are all bytes instead of bits.

Though the system is running Icinga Web 2 v2.7.3 I don’t think it matters, as the releases since then all had nothing with “unit” in their changelog.

I found several issues about unit conversion, but they are all closed or merged.

Question is: Am I wrong about the coversion or is the web interface wrong :)?